These feet are made for walking…

I have been lazy for the whole spring – I just do not feel to get much kicks of any sports so I have pretty much abandoned swimming and even trampoline. But I have walked at least… Since beginning of National Steps Challenge I have counted 868k steps even my pedometer was on hiatus for couple months because I lost my loader temporarily so not too bad. Average even without those 2 months is still around 4k steps per day and in practice most days have counted easily over 5k steps.


Last couple weeks have been extra push to the end of this challenge (that officially ends in the end of April) – there was special 2 week 10k Getaway challenge with attractive prices to encourage participants to walk 10k steps per day during these 14 days.

And I did it! And it was not even hard. Daily average for these 14 days was 11170 so not much over 10k steps limit but enough anyway. There will be still one more thematic challenge but I will continue walking anyway as i really enjoy it especially if weather is nice. I will target to get still at least 5k steps per day and more on weekends. I did notice that daily 10k steps is bit hard on my feet so also for that reason I need to listen bit better my body and not overstretch my limits but definitely my feet are made for walking 😀 getaway

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